Weir Crafts Dream Felt


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Unique, fanciful, felt with great advantages!  

This felt can be needle felted onto other pieces and you can add more colored roving by further needle felting.  Use as a background or cut out pieces.  It is handmade here at Weir Crafts.  We dye alpaca and wool roving and wet felt it onto a wool or wool/alpaca batt.  These one-of-a-kind pieces of felt will not be reproduced.  The color is on one side only.  Expect a thick and thin and wavy felt.  Sold by the ounce.

  • Handmade, USA Made, here at Weir Crafts
  • Weight varies for each piece
  • Lengths and widths vary, this is not a perfect, rectangular piece of felt.
  • Thickness varies; there will be thick and thin spots
  • Color on one side only, unless specified.
wet felting