Traditional Waldorf Doll Patterns and Instructions by Weir Crafts


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For traditional Waldorf dolls in 12", 16" and 20" sizes with complete doll-making instructions and basic clothing patterns (dress, pinafore, pantaloons, underwear, shirt and pants) with sewing instructions for all 3 doll sizes.

YOU WILL NEED: The following supplies can be found HERE.

  • 1/2 yard of cotton knit doll skin fabric or premium cotton interlock doll skin fabric or 1 yard for a 20" doll
  • 1 yard of 1 1/2" wide inner head tubing or 1 yard of 2 1/4" wide for a 20" doll

  • 8 oz. of Biowool stuffing or one pound for 20" doll
  • One skein of yarn for hair
  • A few yards of craft thread for shaping the head and matching threads for skin and yarn
  • Embroidery thread in eye and mouth colors


  • 3" or 5" long soft sculpture doll needle
  • Sewing needles, pins, scissors
  • Optional but recommended: sewing machine