Knitted Fairy Tale Folk Patterns


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Knit up a story, once upon a time.....  Included are patterns to knit a King, Queen, Witch, Wizard, Princess, Knight, Maiden and Woodsman.  Dolls are knit in stockinette stitch.  Clothing patterns and instructions are also included.

Required yarns to knit the bodies:

  • Size 4 needles
  • Per doll you will need sport weight yarns - 40 yards for body color and 18 yards for face and hands color

    Required for clothing and accessories:

    • STUFFINGEach doll needs approximately 1 oz. of stuffing material
    • HAIR: Each doll needs about 8" of 1" thick wool roving or similar doll hair fiber.  Roving can be straight, wavy or curly. 
    • THREAD: sewing thread to match hair and trims
    • FACE: a yard each of eye and mouth colors in fingering weight yarn or embroidery thread.
    • SKIN: Pick yarn of skin color of your choosing.
    • SEE Picture for body color yarn ideas, hair color, trim and felt pieces, (For example: lace, trim and pearls or beads for queen's neck)

    Felt colors for each character (You can use these colors or choose your own!):

    • Queen: ecru for veil, bordeaux for dress, dark yellow for diamond on dress
    • King: royal blue for tunic, red for diamond on tunic, purple for mantle
    • Witch: green for leaves and hat band, black for dress and hat
    • Wizard: yellow for star on hat and moon on robe, purple for robe
    • Princess: Pink for dress, lavender for heart on dress
    • Knight: Red for tunic, yellow for shield on tunic, brown for cape
    • Woodsman: brown for hat, green for feather, tunic and belt
    • Maiden: yellow for kerchief and apron, ecru for dress