Felting Needles - 4 Needle Assortment


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Try our color-coded assortment which includes:

  • 36 Tri Point    (3 edges, 9 barbs)

  • 38 Tri Point    (3 edges, 6 barbs)

  • 40 Tri Point    (3 edges, 6 barbs)

  • 38 Star Point (4 edges, 8 barbs)


    • The higher the gauge, for example "40", the finer the needle and barbs.  

    • Felting needles can break. You do not need a lot of force and poke your needle straight in and pull it straight out. 

    Use Felting Needle Cases to protect and organize your needles.

    Having a great work surface is essential for successful and safe needle felting. Check out our selection of great work surface options and  needle felting supplies.