Easter Egg Party


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The neat thing about this kit is that the wool eggs are already formed and partially felted, so you can jump to the decorating part more quickly without having to start the eggs from scratch. The detailed instruction booklet and video tutorial will walk you through the process of creating each egg, or you might decide to come up with your own unique designs.

Kit is beautifully packaged and includes:

  • 12 wool eggs, already formed and partially felted
  • 7 coordinating colors of needle felting wool
  • A dozen felting needles - plenty to go around in case you're hosting a felting party
  • Detailed instruction booklet that also contains general needle felting information
  • Link to video tutorial (highly recommended!)

This kit is intended for adults and kids over 10 yrs. who possess good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to work with focus and care. (Caution - felting needles are sharp!)