About Great Lakes Fibers

About Great Lakes Fibers

Thank you for coming to our web site. In 2019, we purchased Weir Crafts from Susan Weir in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved it to northern Ohio.  In December of 2021 Weir Crafts was merged with Great Lakes Fibers, my yarn company, for a prefect marriage of all things wooly and Waldorf.

Weir Crafts, a small family business, started in 1989 when Susan Weir began making waldorf dolls to pay for her sons' school fees at the local Waldorf school.  Over the years, it grew both in scope and in size. The business expanded far beyond the original waldorf dolls and kits, so Susan changed the name from "Weir Dolls" to "Weir Crafts". 

Susan has been an exemplary mentor.  We are honored to continue the Weir Crafts Waldorf doll patterns and kits and all of the fine felts, roving and batt while expanding into dyes, undyed yarn and so much more!

We remain committed to our artists and crafters selling high quality, natural, hand-working materials. We are also committed to customer service, and correcting errors quickly and accurately. Some customers have been thoughtful enough to leave us emails and notes, which are listed in part below.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Amy Lowery


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