About Us

Turning the pages of my latest colorful,        construction paper "catalog", filled with whimsical inventions like high top tennis shoes with wings that could make you fly, this then 9-year-old girl, who loved all things animal, would someday combine her creativity and love of furry friends into a growing business.  

Fast forward a "few" decades, and here I am, living on a farm, complete with llamas, alpacas, chickens, dogs, cats, and gardens.  I could not be happier, although the husband wasn't so sure about the numerous mammals. Poor guy.  But he was instrumental in finishing my beautiful studio, home to my FeltLoom, electric carder, dye studio, dye press and enough room upstairs to store hundreds of pounds of fleece, staged before hitting the mill.  

So off we grow!  I have so many exciting fleece and fiber products to share with you as Great Lakes Fibers takes wing!