Inner Head Tubing - Cotton Gauze


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Stretchy gauze knit tubing for making inner doll heads. The widths are somewhat nominal. Depending on the roll, tubing may come a little wider, but will still have the same amount of crosswise stretch for the correct doll head sizing.

  • For 12" and larger dolls, use a double layer of tubing.

  • 12", 16" and 20" dolls will need one yard of tubing per doll (half yard of doubled thickness).

  • Size 7/8" for 6"-8" dolls 

  • Size 1 1/8" for 8"-10" dolls

  • Size 1 1/2" for 12"-16" dolls

  • Size 2 1/4" for 18"-20" dolls

Need more? Order an entire roll for lowest price.

Use our Bio Wool Batting or Silky Wool Batting to stuff and craft thread to tie tubing.

    Note: Weir Doll kits are sized to this tubing, not to the stockinette. If you are using Weir Doll patterns, we recommend this tubing be used.