Wool Roving Color Assortments

Wool Roving Color Assortments

In Corriedale and EcoSoft 

CORRIEDALE: Combed silky Corriedale wool roving is well suited for needle felting, hair on small dolls, felt picture boards, nature tables, and a myriad of other uses. Wool roving is about 1-2" thick, a half yard, approximately 1/3 ounce, of each color in all our assortment bags except the undyed assortment, which has 3/4 yard lengths, approximately 1/2 ounce of each color for the same total amount of roving.

ECOSOFT: This custom blended wool roving both needle felts well, and is also wonderful for wet felting. It compacts easily and quickly with soap and water and is easy to work with.  EcoSoft has more bulk than the fine, flat merino. It is good for making 3 dimensional objects.

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