Silk Screened Doll Bodies for Weir Crafts Waldorf Dolls


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Silkscreened Doll Bodies for Waldorf Dolls

  • Choose from 12", 16" or 20" printed fabric patterns

  • The doll body pattern is SILK SCREENED on the fabric so you just sew on the dotted lines and trim.
  • Use machine jersey ball point or ball point hand sewing needles 
  • Included is additional fabric for head cover and enough inner head tubing (white gauze) to be used in a double layer. 
  • All bodies are made from our 100% cotton knit doll skin fabric. Made in the USA
  • Please note: No doll-making instructions are included. If you need instructions, please click here.

  • Doll skin fabric color may not appear accurately online. Swatch card recommended for exact color matching.

  • For supplies, instructions and inspiration, check out our Waldorf Doll Making Supplies Collection.