The Value of a Doll

The Value of a Doll

The Value of a Doll - By Susan Weir

Why make a doll? I mean, if your life is like mine, the days are short, the phone rings, The mail is in a pile, and the housework is never done. Why find the time?

When my boys were smaller, they would sit on the sofa next to me by the hour, waiting for their gnomes to be done so they could play with them. They even took the unfinished pieces to hold, and loved the process of watching fabric and stuffing become a new creation. When my youngest broke his leg and was on the way to the doctor, it was his doll he reached for that gave him comfort throughout the ordeal.

The doll made especially for the child opens his or her heart to the knowledge that they are loved in a way that the plastic one in the box at the store will never do. It is an expression of caring that keeps extending itself to the child even when the giver is far away or the child is alone with their thoughts.

Over the years of doll making, my greatest satisfaction is seeing the care worn dolls years later, still a cherished companion to the boy or girl, and the expression of delight as the doll's owner proudly shows it to me.

Our mission is to make it easier for you to share in nurturing childhood in this way (for yourself as well as for another).

May every child receive their own special doll, a gift of love.

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