Sewing a Doll Nose

Sewing a Doll Nose

Instructions for making a doll nose by Susan Weir

Making a nose is easy and quick. First, mark the nose location on the face in the center, below the eye line, with a pin.


Using craft thread, make a small stitch from south to north about 1/4-3/8 inch left of the pin. Do not knot the thread end, leave 6-8 inches of 'tail' loose. Dig a little into the stuffing below the head tubing to get a bit of the stuffing caught into the stitch.

(Please note, contrasting thread is shown in the pictures for better viewing, the thread you will use will be matching.)

Make a second stitch from east to west over the nose, as shown in picture. Then make a third stitch from north to south on the left side of the pin. Make a fourth stitch from west to east underneath the pin.

 Sewing a soft doll nose

This picture shows the four stitches in place, making a circle around the nose.

sewing a waldorf doll nose

Now, pull gently on both 'tail' ends of the thread.

The center will pull in, and raise into a bump that becomes the nose. Knot tail ends together to hold in place.

how to sew a waldorf doll nose

Sew a second ring of stitches around the nose to even it out and make it sturdy.
Knot the tails together a second time.

how to sew a waldorfdoll nose

Remove the pin, you now have a nose.

If you want your nose to be bigger, make the initial circle of stitches larger, and as it pulls in, the nose will be larger.

For Waldorf doll-making supplies click here

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