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How to Clean Your Waldorf Doll

How to Clean Your Waldorf Doll

How to Clean Your Waldorf Doll

Yarn hair can be combed gently, using your fingers or a wide toothed pick, do not use a brush or comb.

As the doll becomes soiled during play, you can touch up small stain areas with soap and water and scrubbing with a toothbrush. Oily stains can also be removed using dry cleaning fluid applied by dipping a cloth in the fluid and rubbing it over the soiled area.
CAUTION: Dry cleaning fluid should only be used by an adult in a ventilated area. Let the doll air out and dry completely so that the fluid is completely dissipated before play.

When the doll is ready for a complete bath, fill a basin with cool water and a mild soap. Wrap any long loose hair styles in a nylon stocking to prevent matting and felting.

Immerse the doll and gently suds the soil away, scrubbing extra dirty areas with a toothbrush. Be careful not to rub the hair. Rinse the doll in cool water, and BLOT excess moisture with a towel - do not wring.

Re shape the doll as necessary and dry flat on a towel, face up, away from heat.

Some of our customers have recommended Eucalan Delicate Wash: "This is the only product I use for cleaning wool products. It is "no rinse" and never leaves a residue or stiffness to the fabric. Perfect for caring for our beautiful Waldorf dolls. Check it out - it's the best there is!"

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