Brushed Mohair Cap Hair

Brushed Mohair Cap Hair

Instructions for making doll hair by crocheting a cap and brushing out the yarn using brushable mohair yarn

Our brushable mohair yarns are: Brushed Mohair and DollyMo Woolly Mohair

Our mohair yarns are intended to be crocheted into a cap, and then the fine mohair fibers can be brushed out to create the hair style.


How to make Brushable Mohair crochet caps hairstyles for dolls.

These instructions are for guidance only and are how to use longer fiber Mohair yarns to create lots of hair styles for your doll making, from a plain simple cap to the tousled look and lots more styles.


Brushed Mohair is a long fiber yarn with a thin binder and is a versatile yarn, good for a basic cap, brushed out and tousled styles, also for long hair. Suggested crochet hook size E. Brush this yarn gently as it is a fine fiber.

Heavy Boucle Mohair, although it is a looped yarn, is good for a basic cap, curly short or curly long hair and is also a quick yarn to use for brushing out as the brushing will loosen the loops to create the fiber length. Suggested hook J. The ends are susceptible to fray and a crochet looped stitch is suggested for all other caps other than a basic cap, a basic crochet cap can be brushed out to release the loop and create long fibers.



Basic Chain Stitch:


Make a slip knot, place loop on hook, wrap the yarn round the hook from the back.


Make 6 – 8 chain stitches


Pull through the loop on your hook, 1st chain stitch made. I make my caps using 6 – 8 chain stitches and join with a slip stitch.

Join with a slip stitch by inserting your hook into the first chain stitch made, wind yarn round and pull back through. ___________________________________________________________

Single crochet stitch (for regular brushed caps)


You have one loop on your hook, Insert the hook into the top of a chain stitch or space and wrap the yarn from the back round the hook and pull back through drawing the wound yarn with it, you will now have 2 loops on your hook.    


Wrap the yarn round again and pull this yarn back through the 2 loops on the hook, you will now have 1 loop left and you have made your first single crochet stitch.

Half double crochet stitch (for looped caps)


Start with 1 loop on your hook, wrap yarn over from the back, insert the hook into the chain or space 2 loops on the hook, yarn over again from the back and pull back down catching and drawing the yarn through the 2 loops.


You now have 3 loops on your hook, yarn round again and draw back down through all 3 loops, you now have 1 loop left on your hook and your first half double crochet stitch made.


Using the single crochet stitch abbrev: sc NOTE: Crochet in continuous rounds with no joining of the rows. Place a marker if need at the beginning of each round if needed.

1/ Start with a slip stitch and crochet 6 – 8 chain stitches, join to first chain to create a ring.

2/ Into this ring crochet 8 sc stitches – These are your base stitches.

3/ Crochet 2 x sc (increasing) into the top of each stitch formed - this is the top of your single crochet stitch. (16 stitches)

4/ Into each of these stitches, crochet 2 x sc (increasing to produce 32 stitches)

5/In this round increase into every other stitch (48 stitches)

6/ From now on add an increasing stitch (2 x sc) only into every fifth stitch. Continue in this way adding as many rounds to your cap as you need until it looks as though it will fit over the head of your doll when you hold it up against the back of the head.

7/ once the cap is the required size (i.e. it looks like it will fit your doll's head) then continue crocheting 1 sc in all the stitches in the round. After a couple of rounds you should notice your work begins to fold inwards.

8/ Continue as row 7. Every now and again try on your dolls head for sizing. You may find that you need to increase (crochet 2 x sc in one stitch) or decrease..

When the cap is the right size, finish off by cutting the yarn and pulling through the loop on your hook and pull to tighten. Stitch the loose end of yarn into your cap on the wrong side. You will also need to hook through the beginning yarn from where you started and this can be sewn around the hole to close if needed.


You should end up with a cap/hat shape fitting snugly on your dolls head.



Using brushable mohair.

I use the single crochet stitch for all caps that will be brushed out and a size E hook, but a smaller hook can be used.

The idea for a brushed out cap is to crochet the cap pulling out the naturally loose fibers on the yarns. The fibers will naturally fall to one side of your cap but by pulling them up as you crochet will enhance the length. 

Fiber loss when brushing out is normal.


First picture is the cap alone, the second picture is sewn onto the doll’s head.



    Use the thumb and forefinger of your right hand to pull and scrape the fibers up and the left hand middle finger to grab on the pulled fiber as you crochet.




Wet brushing out MUST be done before the cap is attached onto the doll

To brush out the cap you will need a small fiber blender or round headed nylon bristle brush, white vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water) and a spray bottle. Yes, the cap will smell but the smell will fade in a couple of days.

Spray your cap so it is quite damp and gently brush using your  blender or brush, keep spraying and brushing. You will notice the fibers get longer. Keep doing this until you are happy with the result. REMEMBER: Brush gently!



Pulling with your fingers will also help.

Turn the cap inside out and spray the chain stitched edge that you can see and brush again to ease up the fibers up which will help soften the chain edge.


Brush any fibers that are showing to encourage more length.

Turn the cap the right way round and brush again to smooth down. Cover your dolls head with a plastic bag/cling film to protect it from the wetness, try on the cap, decide where you would like the pony tails/pigtails to be and tie these with thread. It is easier to make your tiny pigtails when the cap is wet. Leave to dry naturally. Yarn can be dry-brushed using a soft bristle brush.
Brushed out caps on doll heads: first two are with small pigtails


Second two are with the tousled look: brush and spray as above but on the final spray and using your fingers and thumb scrunch and rub as you would to make your own hair curly, leave to dry naturally.



Scruffy/Bed Hair look. Turn your wet cap back inside out. Gently squeeze and rub together slightly. Gently turn the cap the right way, press down on the fibers and leave as is to dry naturally.



Crochet loop stitch – a quick stitch to make boy hair, spiky hair, curly long or short.

This stitch is a very quick method for making long and short hair for dolls. The loop can be cut on a short loop to create a spiky look or leave as is for a curly effect. A normal stitch must always follow the loop stitch to secure the loop in place.

When making a short style place the loop every other stitch, when making long hair place the loop every 3rd or 4th stitch to avoid a too dense cap.

You can use either the single crochet loop method or the half double loop method. This depends on what yarn is used and how long the loop/hair will be.

When using a loop/boucle yarn it is advisable to leave the loop uncut to avoid fraying.

METHOD A: Using a single crochet loop 



One loop on the hook, insert the hook into the chain or space, instead of wrapping the yarn round the hook, wrap it around your fingers (short hair) hand width (medium length) or let the loop hang to the length you want the hair to be, bring the yarn back over the hook and finish the stitch as for a basic single crochet. A loop stitch must be followed be a basic single crochet stitch to secure.

METHOD B: Using a half double loop: (for boucle yarns)



One loop on hook, yarn round, insert into the chain or space, yarn round fingers, to length required bringing the yarn back over the hook, draw through the loops so you now have 3 loops on your hook, yarn round and draw through all 3 loops. This must be followed with a basic half double stitch to secure.

After crocheting the cap, you can either leave the loops as loops, or cut them open. Please note that cutting them open will lead to more fraying, and is not recommended for boucle yarns.


 Here are styles: first two are with finger width loops, stitch uncut and cut.

The second two are with hand width longer loops, uncut.

You should end up with a cap/hat shape fitting snugly on your dolls head.


Another method is to crochet a basic cap to fit, sew it onto the dolls head, then add lengths of hair to the cap using a half stitch.


Make the cap and attach it as in the first picture. Then cut a piece of cardboard the length you want the hair to be and wrap the yarn around the cardboard. Cut at one end.


 Fold a cut length in half. Inset your crochet hook under a loop in the cap.

Catch the center of the folded length in your hook, draw back through the cap, and secure in place with a half hitch as shown.


Repeat all over the cap until it is covered in lengths of yarn.

Please note; These instructions are how I personally make caps/wigs for my dolls. There are many ways to make crochet/ knit caps and wigs. These instructions are for guidance only.

 Please refer to the How to Crochet a Cap Instructions for cap directions. You must use the brushable mohair yarn for this technique.

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