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Catheterization Teaching

Catheterization Teaching

Hugging a doll that looks like you is a precious gift.  Having a doll to learn a daily living necessity hits it out of the ballpark!

Our customer, Candace, had just finished her son's Waldorf doll and he named him George. He was exicted about his new pal.  Mom catheterizes her son with spina bifida throughout the day and had an idea; what if his doll could have a penis and urethra so her son could learn how do it on his own?  Afterall, practicing on a doll and not himself would be so much easier on him and mom. And so, Susan Weir went to work in devising a simple anatomy amendment, for girls or boys, to create a catheterization teaching doll.  It's my pleasure to offer this as an option to our Weir Crafts Waldorf dolls.   

Many thanks to Candace who put it best, "I would love to help create some dolls that represent them, but I want them to be Waldorf dolls! Not Barbies in wheelchairs."

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