Great Lakes Fibers & Weir Crafts Union

Great Lakes Fibers & Weir Crafts Union

To my new visitors, welcome!  To long-time customers, I know, I owe you a few explanations.

It has been a year since embarking on the hair-pulling journey strewn with expletives and the occasional margarita to ease the angst.  I will continue to tweak it so your input with any difficulties you encounter are appreciatAmy Lowery with llamased.  

But now to the long answer to the short question of why Weir Crafts is being housed on the Great Lakes Fibers site.  I have loved animals to the chagrin of my poor dad.  In fact, when mom was very sick and could not make it outside anymore, I taught my favorite llama to walk up steps and enter into the house.  "Amy, Amy, Amy," he said.  Mom loved the hay-fueled breathy kisses as Baby Llama faced her and put his rear end to dad.  It was a quick but fruitful visit and then out the door we went walking back to the farm.  

Love of animals led into owning animals, even when I wasn't supposed to in my college housing, until I grew up (not really) and purchased my first alpaca.  I dragged mom and sometimes dad to countless fiber festivals around the US.  I did show for a couple of years, but the fiber aspect intrigued me.  That you could have your own yarn produced my a local mill was the bomb!  And so I did.  I sold yarn online all over the world until my son was born in 2003.

Fast-forward to 2022.  I opted to re-build my GLF site rather than the Weir Crafts site and blend the two.  Eventually the Weir Crafts site will be retired and onward we shall go with a single place for you to find all the wonderful Weir Crafts products plus so many new items.  

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